Erik Scerbak

Hi, I'm Erik Scerbak and I'm what you call a visionary. It's kinda what I do. As my mentor always told me, "why say it, when you can show it". After all, seeing is believing, right? I've been the Director of Photography on several short films including WITHIN THE FEAR starring Andrew Cheney for Gilfilms, directed by Andrew Gilford, as well as KNOCK KNOCK starring Chrystal Rene Altendorf for Guthrie Films, directed by Lewis Guthrie.

I'm also a director. My most recent project is a short documentary film titled A CASTLE'S LEGEND. It premiered at the Chagrin Documentary Film Festival in 2016 and has recently been released on YouTube. Check it out!

Did I mention that I write as well? Maybe I'm a jack of all trades, but story is important to me, which is why I like to tell a few of my own. I write numerous genres, but my passion ultimately lies with thrillers.