Erik Scerbak

Hi, I'm Erik Scerbak and I'm what you call a visionary. It's kinda what I do. As my mentor always told me, "why say it, when you can show it". After all, seeing is believing, right?

My greatest passion is art and mine comes in the form of moving pictures. Over the last couple of years, I’ve Directed and Produced several short thrillers including THE REVEALED, A BLUDDY FILM and COLD IS THE NIGHT not to mention, a documentary titled A CASTLE'S LEGEND. Most recently, I’ve produced the first four episodes of N00BS, a comedy series that follows three unlikely friends has they train, grow and fight to become the worlds greatest Esport's team. Check it out!

Did I mention that I’m also writer and cinematography? Maybe I'm a jack of all trades, but story is important to me, which is why I like to tell a few of my own. I write and photograph numerous genres, but my passion ultimately lies with thrillers.